Advisor Mode

The Advisor Mode is designed to enable expert users to adapt forecasts more precisely to needs by having the ability to alter the complex factors used to produce the forecasted results.

Switch to "Investor Mode" to remove access to the complex factors.

 Index Used
 Initial Index (strike price)
 Max % Change  Cost per Contract as %  Multiplier  Leverage  Number of Contracts  Brokerage Commission
 Normal -20.00% 1.000% 100 1.20 $15.00
 Value Used -20.00% 1.000% 100 1.20 $15.00
Opening Contract Value
Term (months)
Strike Price
Number of Contracts
Premium per Contract
Estimated Cost
Index Price @ Expiration
Intrinsic Expiration Value
Cash Settlement Amount
Net from Index Put
Portfolio Change
Net Result

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