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I will disclose all compensation expected or received, directly or indirectly, to my client(s) on a regular basis but no less frequently than annually.
I understand that by receiving compensation for my advice that I am acting as a fiduciary with the duty to act in the best interest of my client(s).
I agree to provide DALBAR with the disclosures required for prudent selection and periodic review of my practice as required by ERISA and federal regulations.
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I have * years of experience providing investment advice as an investment professional.
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ERISA Related Activities

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Disclosure of Regulatory History
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Service Provider Disclosures
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Compensation Disclosures
What is the fee structure and fee that you intend to charge for your services? (Max. 1000 Characters).
What contractual arrangements do you have that result in direct or indirect compensation to you or the firm you represent if clients take actions on the basis of your advice. (Max. 2000 Characters).
Please list your sources of compensation and % from each of up twelve sources, largest first.
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Are there other factors or suggestions from others that could improperly influence the advice you give to clients? Please explain. (Max. 1000 Characters).
Investment Theory Disclosure
Please describe the investment theory you use to advise clients. (Max. 3000 Characters).
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